Swinging for beginners

swinger lifestyle

Swinging, sometimes referred to as the swinging lifestyle or simply the lifestyle, includes a wide range of sexual activities conducted between three or more people. Swinging activities can include watching others having sex, having sex with your partner while being watched (both are termed 'soft' swinging), or exchanging partners and having sex (which is the most common definition).

Typically swinging activities occur when a married, or otherwise committed, couple engages in the above mentioned activities with a similar couple or a single male(s), female(s) or both. Couple looking for female, couple looking for threesome, 3 way dating....These acts may or may not occur in the same room and may or may not include bisexual interaction.

Some swinging 'lifestyle' activities are highly organized. Most major cities have at least one major swinging club in a permanent location. These clubs often keep a low profile to avoid negative attention. Swingers also meet through lifestyle magazines, personal ads, swinger's hotel/vacations, swinging house parties, and by the use of an Internet swinging dating sites such as Couple looking for woman.

Some swingers consider the lifestyle to be a distinct subculture. A generally recognized rule of the swinging lifestyle is "No Means No" signifying that rejection of a sexual proposal does not require justification and must always be respected. How does swinger dating sites work for couples? Most member of swinging communities are very friendly and helpful to new people especially swinger couples. Remember, everyone was new at one time.

Meeting someone for drinks and to ask questions about swinging does not mean you are expected to do anything more. Be honest about who you are and what your goals are and you will find nearly everyone respectable of them.


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