What does “unicorn” meaning?

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We are promoting the unicorn dating site for people. But there are so many people who have asked about the meaning of “a unicorn”. So today, I will explain this to everyone.

The emoji on the face of the unicorn shouts "Sparks, Magic and Rainbow!" It can express anything bright and shiny, from fashion style to whimsical emotions. It can also refer to unicorns (a bisexual woman) in a gay community and unicorns in an entrepreneurial culture (valued at $1 billion). So, on dating sites, the unicorn must stand for a bisexual who are interested in couples.

The emoji debuted in Unicode 8.0 in 2015, coincided with the nostalgic explosions of the 1980s and 1990s, giving us the neon pink of My Little Pony and the Lisa Frank catcher. The Unicorn facial emoji (or just a unicorn emoji) depicts the head of a unicorn, an ancient mythical creature known as the rare white horse in European folklore. The horn has a magical healing power.

The word unicorn has a specific proverb in the gay community. It refers to a bisexual woman who sleeps with a heterosexual partner, sometimes called a unicorn. Today, we can see more couple looking for unicorn. More generally, people in the gay community can use the word unicorn to express pride or signal identity, and it's not hard to see that the unicorn's emoji is usually similar to the rainbow flag.

The unicorn will be the girlfriend of the couple. The couple is usually considered to be the primary relationship, and the girlfriend is the secondary companion of both. She does not allow any relationship with triad members. It is understood that if things are not successful, she will be willing to leave without any problems. Although the two may choose to integrate the life elements of their girlfriend into the underworld, it is not uncommon for a girlfriend to integrate more daughters into their own lives.

Sometimes, a unicorn does not produce any emotional attachment, strictly speaking a sexual relationship (average assigned to two members) and/or is defined as secondary. This term is used to remind people that bisexual women are people who have their own desires and need to live with them, not fantasy people or pets.

Let it happen naturally. There are women who want to be part of a triad. Don’t antagonize them by treating them as objects. Triads are normal in polyamory. Meet people, make friends. Fall in love. Let it happen naturally. It may take a year. It may take 5 years. A unicorn triad and a poly threesome are not the same thing. If you are new to poly and want a egalitarian poly triad, “find local unicorn” is not what you should be doing.


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