Why online dating is a poor way to find a 3 way?

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Why so many people can’t find real 3some online? The answer is that they didn’t find the best threesome dating site.

Some people believe that recent research on online threesome dating / 3 way provides a new perspective for sex. May be the most is hookup, but we always stress love and romantic relationships. However, I believe that although the Internet rarely finds romantic threesome relationships, research ignores the various deficiencies and problems associated with this “contact”. I will study a few of them.

1. Online threesome dating tends to fill the gaps in the positive quality of a couple; on the other hand, everyone wants to make themselves look as attractive as possible by exaggerating the characteristics of self-ideality.

2. Online threesome dating sites have gender differences in preferences and messaging behavior. Most couples looking for unicorn, so the demand for women is much higher than that of men, leading most can't get a real threesome online.

3. Service users prefer the similarity of various (mainly demographic) categories (education and height, age, race, religion, political opinion, smoking, etc.).

To be precise, the results of the study show that some behaviors and attitudes of online threesome dating parties joining the Internet community have different motivations, expectations and backgrounds, but it is inaccurate to assume that behaviors and attitudes reflect real interpersonal appeal. This is because online dating/matching (provided by commercial websites) lacks the basic elements of developing true love.

In addition to sex, how to show intimacy when threesome dating?

As evidenced by research on interpersonal attraction, threesome dating is similar to a couple, creating and maintaining love involves verifying communication between partners on a variety of issues, including understanding and focusing on the personal and emotional needs of the partner, developing companionship, physical attractiveness, training and Develop physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being, respect, support, forgiveness, acceptance and encouragement, expression of appreciation and affection: sexual pleasure and loyalty, commitment, common activities, and lack of control, defense, contempt, obstruction and accusation, And other factors.


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