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While they were talking something about dating one night recently, Lina, Jack’s girlfriend of one year said the magic words: She mentioned she found a friend of hers attractive, which led to a topic a lot of dudes consider a unicorn: women seeking couples for threesome. “May be we had the same thought in our heads” says the 23-year-old.

But they are not sure where and how to find a woman for a couple? They don't drink alcohol, take drugs or hang out in the nightclub. They feel that sites like Craigslist are as appealing as a moldy underground dungeon. Therefore, one creative designer began to propose another option, the dating website.

The result? 3some (pronounced "threesome dating"), launched in early July, is a stylish, modern review sites that fulfills your dreams of three parties. It is similar to the dating app Tinder: users will see nearby singles or couples may be matching photos. But it no need to download any app, because he web version is very convenient. If interested, they will slide up. Of course, it can - at least in theory - make the threesomes as simple as playing Angry Birds. But the site of couples dating application goal is to bring some respect to such a bedroom party.

"If you want to have a long relationship with different people, that's not to say that your relationship is wrong," he said. A threesome dating app quickly found an audience: 60,000 people were registered before they were released, and the number of members per week increased by 10,000. More than 2,000 people live in New York. “Threesome dating site is more open, sharing who you are, what your wishes are, who you want to be; no matter couple looking for threesome, or woman looking for couples, all is OK” Cliff said. This is a good time for threesome finder: A global survey last year showed that 20% of people rose by a third from 14% a decade ago.

It attracts some fans under the cover. Threesome dating sites will reduce barriers to prevent taboos in conversations," Bicupid user Jasper said, a 38-year-old Soho, who has been a trio since college. He likes this site because it allows you to focus on compatibility rather than risking someone. “Become a person who can find people you attract and have a common interest with you,” said Jasper, who asked not to use his last name. Zoe is a college student in Ireland and one of the early adopters of the app. She has been planning to meet some of the people she met through the app, even though her first trio has not yet happened.

Interested people press www.couplelookingforwoman.com and find your right threesome.


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